Frequently Asked Questions

What are body togs?

body togs are innovative, anatomically-designed wearable weights that are scientifically shown to increase the number of calories burned throughout everyday activities. These comfortable, low-profile weights for the calves and forearms are designed to be inconspicuous when worn under clothes. The science behind body togs is based upon Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) which relates to the burning of calories and fat through normal everyday activity. See our Science page for more information.

What is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)?

NEAT refers to energy used to do normal movements such as brushing your teeth, fidgeting, cleaning, walking to your car, etc. While regular exercise is an important part of overall health, NEAT activities help you burn even more calories throughout the day. body togs are designed to maximize how many calories you burn while doing NEAT activities and contribute to your overall weight loss efforts.

Who developed body togs?

body togs were created by leading Bariatric Physician (the science of weight loss), Dr. Ayaz Virji, MD. He first developed these as a means to enhance weight loss for his own patients. After over 100 prototypes, Dr. Virji perfected a design that is ideal for anyone who wants to burn more calories and tone their muscles throughout the day.

How do body togs help weight loss?

body togs boost your fat burning potential by harnessing the power of your regular daily activities to not only help you lose weight but also improve your fitness. As Dr. Virji explains, when people put on weight, the extra weight itself is not unhealthy, it is the fat which causes inflammation and cholesterol. The number of calories you burn per day depends on your weight. By simply adding these comfortable, wearable weights, you are effectively fooling your body into burning more fat. As a result, every activity you do during the day becomes a highly effective calorie-burning workout.

How do I know what size body togs I should order?

See our sizing chart.

How many body togs come in an order?

body togs are sold in pairs.

Do body togs contain magnets?

No, body togs do not contain magnets and will not harm your electronic equipment. The weights are made from galvanized stainless steel so they will not rust.

What is the fabric used to make body togs?

The fabric is a Lycra®/spandex blend.

Can I wash my body togs?

Yes, hand wash your body togs in cold water and lay flat to dry.

How long should I wear my body togs each day?

We suggest that you start off gradually. For the first day, wear them for up to three hours and increase the amount of time each day based on your comfort level until you’re able to wear them for the recommended 8–10 hours per day.

My body togs slide as I wear them. What can I do?

body togs feature gel strips to help prevent slippage. However, a small amount of sliding is normal depending on what activities you are doing. Try adjusting the Velcro® fasteners for a tighter fit. You may also try wearing a pair of socks under or over your body togs for added support. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

How much weight can I expect to lose by wearing body togs?

Results vary for each individual. However, wearing body togs for up to 10 hours a day has proven to be about equivalent in calories burned to doing a 2-mile run. Following a sensible diet and exercise routine will improve your weight loss success.

What’s different about the body togs Diet?

The body togs Diet is an evidence-based diet created by Dr. Virji, a board certified obesity medicine specialist. It is designed to include common foods and brands found at most grocery stores across the country — no high-priced specialty brands. This diet has been described by patients as the “80% knowledge and 20% effort” weight loss plan!

Can I use body togs Essentials vitamin & mineral supplement and body togs Appetite Control dietary supplement if I have a heart condition?

Yes, body togs supplements are all-natural and stimulant free and are safe for those with coronary heart disease. In fact, they are designed to support heart function and reduce cholesterol along the way. However, we always recommend that you talk to your doctor about specific recommendations on your health and the use of supplements.

Are body togs products safe for people with diabetes?

Yes, the body togs Diet and products are safe for people with diabetes. In fact, your need for medications may be reduced when on the diet. Please work with your health care provider for appropriate monitoring when losing weight with body togs or any other weight loss plan.

Other questions?

Please contact us. We’re happy to help.