• What People
    Are Saying

From Olympian Carrie Tollefson

“Whether I am wearing them throughout the day or using them to enhance my workouts, body togs have helped build strength in my legs, core, and arms. I can wear them on a walk, cooking my favorite meal, or doing my leg raises in the gym and know I will be better because of them.”

Physician Testimonials

The following testimonials come from the unveiling of body togs at The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): Athletic Team Physician Conference.

“I found the body togs very comfortable for all-day wear….I would recommend them to my patients for daily wear and fitness programs.”

Dr. S Arlis-Mayor
New Haven, CT

body togs are great! This is an excellent way to burn calories especially for individuals wanting to lose weight and save time. I will recommend them to my patients.”

Dr. R Whitfield
Baton Rouge, LA

“I have been wearing the body togs on both upper and lower extremities and am surprised by the level of comfort.”

Dr. Y. May
Cincinnati, OH

“Wearing the body togs all day…provides a low impact and unobtrusive but noticeable increase in resistance during every day activities. It is an easy way to workout while doing daily activities.”

Dr. R. Mayor
New Haven, CT

Customer Testimonials

body togs are GREAT! I am a retired Army Veteran with bad knees and cannot wear ankle weights. A friend turned me on to the body togs and they are amazing. They cause me no pain and I hardly know I have them on.”


“WOW…body togs have really changed my life!!! …The comfort of the body togs makes everyday wearing effortless. I love the tone it has given to my legs. I never expected for such a simple and effortless product to give such GREAT results!!!”


“With body togs I [am] able to wear them under my clothing while at work. They are great, I even wear them when I run and do core training. …You definitely get the extra workout and calorie burn, without any intrusiveness. You barely feel them and what’s most important, they are literally unnoticeable so I am working out throughout the day and nobody notices it!”